What is a Direct Response Copywriter?

Copywriting is often misunderstood, even though it’s a fundamental part of EVERY website, email, landing page and sales proposal.

Let’s quickly clear up a few things before diving into what a Direct Response Copywriter is:

  1. Copywriters don’t use typewriters. We just like the idea of them.
  2. We don’t put the little ©’s at the bottom of your pages (mind you, as a joke, it has a 98% success rate at networking functions).
  3. Copywriting has nothing to do with your intellectual property rights.


What types of copywriters are there?

Copywriting has many forms, including –

Creative – for flowy, entertaining reading for things like fashion sales

Technical – for manuals, descriptions and some whitepapers

Sales – the most valuable style (otherwise known as Direct Response Copywriting).

What is a Direct Response Copywriter?

A Direct Response Copywriter creates carefully structured advertising or marketing ‘copy’ that persuades a prospect to take immediate action.

Actions like –

  • Calling you
  • Signing Up to your email list
  • Enquiring about products, services or quotes
  • or Buying

The hardest form to write, sales copy requires zero ‘fluff’, no superfluous words and to get the point with how, why and where straightaway.

Why is Direct Response or Sales Copywriting so valuable to businesses?

Direct Response Sales Copywriters are the ones who work out how to ‘sell’ what your business does in the most receptive way to your prospects.

Good sales copywriters write in a way that sounds just like your brand (but without you having to struggle or waste hours trying to do yourself).

It doesn’t take a genius then to realise that just like good salespeople, good sales copywriters can be worth their weight in gold.

The difference though is sales copywriters give you a massive advantage:


By creating the perfect sales messaging for a landing page for instance, the business owner (you) can leverage tools like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or LinkedIn Ads to drive enormous volumes of viewers to it.

A salesperson can have a bad day/week/month/quarter, but well-written sales copy produces results non-stop 24x7x365 from the moment it’s public.

And by getting your Direct Response Copywriter to create multiple versions or components (headlines, body copy, CTA’s etc.), you can test & measure against your current copy to try and beat it with an even better version.

Win. Win.


How do you find the best direct response copywriters?

That’s the thing.

The best direct response copywriters are almost always gainfully employed or contracted.

Many are freelance, and some run their own copywriting agency (like me, at GetCopy.com.au). A search for ‘Sales Copywriter’ or ‘Direct Response Copywriter’ will help you find some. If you’d like a local one, put ‘Australia’ in your search too.


A pro tip: English is critically important. So choose one that has excellent English spelling and grammar skills, as it’s your business reputation on display.


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