The 6 benefits of Australian outsourced content creation

What is Content Creation?


Content creation simply means producing original material for sharing on your social media, or web assets like your website/blog/company LinkedIn pages etc.

Emails, blogs, adverts, Facebook or Instagram posts, news stories, and articles are all “content”, and yes, memes, GIFs, YouTube videos, and images are content too.


Good content will get your business noticed


Do you want to stand out from your competitors, become the go-to authority for your target audience, and generate new customers for your business?

Excellent, regular content can help you achieve all of that.

The key is making your content stand out amongst all the other information online. And there’s a LOT of it, with over 70 MILLION new WordPress blog posts each month.

Content needs to educate, entertain, engage or inspire, which is what every prospect and customer wants to get from you.


Pro Tip: Outsource to professionals who’ll create what you need

You already know that time is money (few businesspeople want to waste a whole day of researching and writing an SEO optimised blog post).

Not to mention the follow-up emails and targeted social media posts that amplify it.

Outsourcing your content creation means you can focus on what you do best in business, like marketing, sales or operations, while your content gets delivered to order and ready to publish.


The 6 benefits of outsourced Australian content creation


Great content can be worth THOUSANDS of dollars to you in marketing value – by helping the right prospects find you through an experience that makes them come back for more.

That’s if it’s written by someone who natively speaks English and understands Australian sales & marketing. Get Copy is an Australian agency (based in Queensland), with Australian staff writers. No language barriers & no cheap overseas contractors.


1. Consistent content creation delivers results


Improving traffic to your site and getting conversions not only requires quality content, but it needs to be done consistently to see your results grow.

Search engines and followers both like regular content, so outsourcing it is the easiest way to get it done. You’ll look good, and your search rankings will soon look good too.


2. Get quality content, written by professionals.


Brilliant content should tell a story or give a prospect a reason to connect with your brand. But writing content can be hard to do well if you don’t do it every day, even if you’re usually pretty good with words.

Outsourcing to a copywriter who understands your brand and produces quality work means you’ll get well-written content that sounds like your business. That’s time, leveraged well.


3. Content creation agencies aren’t as costly as you might expect


Think you’ll save money by writing the content yourself? Ask yourself this – how much is your time worth?  And how long would it take you to create one, valuable piece of content? Half a day? A full day?

Sure, an article might cost $350 to $500 to have written professionally, but when it has the potential to bring in thousands of dollars in leads, it’s a smart investment.


4. Your content will be kept fresh and up-to-date.


Creating winning content isn’t always as easy as it sounds. By getting professionals on board, you’ll be accessing all of their resources, talent and ideas.

You’ll instantly grow the level of experience and knowledge you bring to your content creation (without doing any recruitment or training). Plus, you’ll reduce the amount of time spent getting it right.

Outsourcing is a competitive business too, so it pays for content creation agencies to be innovative, up-to-date and on-trend.


5. Epic content creation drives traffic and conversions.


“Web traffic is among the top two most common measurements of success for content marketing strategies”. (HubSpot, 2020).

The better your content, the higher it could rank on search engines, the more shares it could receive, and you’ll be “seen” by more people. It raises awareness about your brand and most importantly builds trust.


“Conversion rates can be 6 times higher for businesses who adopt content marketing” (Neil Patel 2020).

Cleverly constructed content with a persuasive call-to-action (CTA) can convert those leads into clients. And that’s priceless.


Outsourcing your content creation to skilled experts could help you realise your marketing goals sooner than you think.


6. Spend more time analysing what content is working, rather than what to write.


Analyse all the available data, check your metrics, and delve into what’s getting results for your business.

Experimentation suddenly gets 10x easier.

The other thing is it’s also easy to track and measure your ROI to see if outsourcing is working for you. Ensuring your content creation agency has an incentive to always perform at their best.


Need some help with your content marketing challenges?


Get Copy are an Australian Content Creation Agency who can help you get your message across (no matter what market you’re in).

To arrange a FREE content strategy session, and get a plan of action for your content marketing, book a time with us today by clicking below.





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