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Welcome to this #SaveThisPage review by Get Copy. In this series, we’ll be celebrating great examples of copy, layouts, headlines, content and more.


If you want to write an incredible landing page, follow’s example


Here’s what we love about this page (it’s a 3-minute read, enjoy).

For those of you who haven’t heard of, they not only scored one of the most exclusive domain names on the planet, they also provide fantastic online collaborative tools.

This landing page targets enterprise-level prospects, with simple, clear messaging that flows down the page.

We love that there’s nothing extra being said, and everything adds value.



How to write a direct response landing page header

Monday have copywriting and design ‘best-practice’ totally sorted with this page. Here’s why:

1. Have a clear headline that says what the page is about AND who it is for.
If you’re looking for enterprise work management (schedule/teams/tracking software) then you’ll instantly know you’re on the right page.

2. Next, write a short, sharp sub-headline.
It needs to expand on the message of the headline with crisp, descriptive words. They’ve employed both short word sets as well as a quick sentence that tells the reader 12 things from 15 words. That’s a fantastic example of copywriting.

3. Include a clear CTA (Call To Action).
In their case, they want the prospect to get in touch rather than buy. When we clicked on the ‘Contact Us’ button, it took us to a crisp, simple contact form that tells you exactly what to do and what they’ll do next. It also has prominent and popular customer logos on there to give confidence that you’re making a good decision.


Get Copy

Example of great landing page headline, sub headline and CTA button combo



What good elements of a landing page have they used?


Here’s a short (but not exhaustive) list of the key elements they’ve employed to get their message across quickly and clearly.


Lots of ‘white space’


This is a great design strategy for all sorts of digital media, making it easier for the eyes to see what’s important on the page.

PS:  the white space is blue in this example (just in case you were looking for what we mean).


Simple bullet points


They’ve used words instead of icons (#win), with short sentences describing how they make each one come true for you.


Excellent sub-headlines throughout the page.


This carries the message, which is great for skim readers who aren’t going into detail. I’ve selected the main ones here and condensed them together so you can see what we mean.


Mondaydotcom sub heading examples



Recommendation from an outside party


In this case, highly regarded firm Forrester Research.



Customer testimonials (a standard on every good landing page today)




PLUS they’ve added social proof


Choosing is a great idea because you’ll be in a large group of companies with ‘teams who manage teamwork better’.

Cue their major customer logos (nice work).

Customer logo examples for landing page



And they’ve made you feel confident that you’re not risking your company or client data.


Use logos, details, industry terms and more to add confidence.




Integration and installation are a common reason for not progressing with a FREE trial.


Here’s how they’ve addressed two major concerns in two simple sections –

1. They’ll give you a local consultant who speaks your own language (if not a native English speaker).
2. They’ve shown all the major productivity software integrations they have by using logos – remember, visuals make it very easy for the mind to feel comfortable and to validate a choice.




Worried about after-sales support?


No worries – have great account managers to help, high uptime (so it will almost always be available to use) and onboard is ‘fun’ and easy thanks to tutorials (no Veuve included, sorry).




Finally, a CTA (Call To Action)


Personally, I wouldn’t write a CTA like this as it says ‘needs’ twice in it, which can cause the mind to feel confused (affecting conversions). It also doesn’t ‘flow’ as well as it could.

Still, I’m sure it works for them, or they’d have a different one…



Want a great landing page like this for your business?


This example is exactly the sort of landing page we write for clients at Get Copy.

We’re an Australian direct response copywriting agency specialises in conversion-based digital marketing materials like websites, landing pages and email series.

Primarily writing for digital marketing agencies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns, we also love to work with corporate clients directly to enhance the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns.

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