Keep It In Cairns Campaign

Keep It In Cairns – a local sales promotion with big results

In March this year when people were still asking “what’s COVID-19?”, I met with the team at the Cairns Chamber of Commerce to help them with them a campaign called ‘Keep It In Cairns’.

An idea of the new CEO, Patricia O’Neill, she had been seeing money and talent leave the region over time and wanted to do something about it. Called Keep It In Cairns, it was a joint promotion between the Chamber and Cairns Regional Council to encourage local people to spend money with local businesses wherever possible – helping to keep more wealth (and people) in the local economy.

As a top Cairns Copywriter, I was called in to help craft the sales page and content ideas; ensuring a crisp, engaging message that could then be expanded to radio, TV and print. And all on a pro-bono basis.

Check out the video below to see how it came about and who was involved:


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