The right words help you sell 24/7

With good copy on your website, in your emails, and for your print media you can sell more than you ever thought possible (and see your profits grow)

Landing Pages

Maximise conversions from Pay Per Click ads with custom Landing Pages that get results

Conversion Focused

There’s copy, and then there’s direct sales copy. We focus on creating copy that gets conversions

Website Copy

Don’t just tell people about your products, tell them how you solve their problems

Email Marketing

Emails are one of the most cost effective and reliable forms of marketing

Print & Promotional

Optimise your flyers, signage and business cards and make the most of every selling opportunity

Sell all day long

Your website is up 24/7, and the right copy will sell for you time and time again

Thanks for the draft... I could write it a million times and not get the same effect

Private Client, Security Industry


There’s a big difference between companies that struggle to market themselves and companies that have too many sales.

One has a clear and compelling reason for customers to buy (and the other doesn’t).

Be the one who has.

Get Copy specialises in Direct Response Sales Copy – words for your website, sales materials, marketing promotions and emails that will help you get your message across clearly and easily so that customers take action straightaway.


Every customer wants a smooth sales experience.

So engage them with a crafted message that takes them from awareness to enquiry to “yes, please”.

Before you know it, they’ll be calling, enquiring, emailing, booking, downloading, buying and subscribing.

With a strong background in sales strategy, as well as experience writing for HUNDREDS of companies here and overseas, I know how to get results for your business.

Don’t tell anyone I said this, but you produce vastly superior work compared to our other copywriters

CRO Expert, Digital Growth Agency


You’re reading copy right now.

Copywriting refers to the words used by businesses to describe who they are and what they do.

But good copywriting does a lot more than just that. Just about every design agency can craft an attractive site or brochure for you, but pretty pictures don’t sell things (well, most of the time anyway).

Good copy that answers questions, solves problems and explains benefits can increase conversions, deliver fantastic ROI, and transform how you operate your business.

If you’ve been asked to provide copy for a website or project, or if you’re just looking for a better way to convey your message then get in touch.

  • Struggling to get your message across?
  • Lacking direction in your marketing?
  • Want to build your brand?
  • Ready to reduce your sales workload?
  • Interested in more profit for less work?

Then we can help…

We’d love to tell you who we’ve worked for

    Because we’ve written for some big names – brands that would knock your socks off.
    But… privacy and confidentiality is incredibly important to us at Get Copy.
    By the time we’re finished, our writing sounds as though it was written by their own marketing guru (only better).
    And when we write for you we’ll exercise the same courtesy.
    All I can tell you is that we’ve worked for:
Asset 1@4x

An Organic Baby Food Company

Asset 3@4x

A Real Insurance Company

Asset 2@4x

An Ethical Super Fund

Asset 4@4x

An Aussie Broadband Company

    Sometimes campaigns we work on win awards as well, but we can’t tell you about that either…

Trying to turn the garbage on the current site into something that’s both interesting and informative was always going to be challenging. That’s why we used Australia’s best sales copywriter...

One of my marketing agency clients


There’s a secret to writing copy that converts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling baby formula or heavy machinery, funeral services or new homes, if you can get the right message across then you’ll convert more with less effort.

We work with businesses of all sizes and shapes, from some of Australia’s largest Digital Marketing Agencies right through to local brands.  

If you’d like better copy for your business then let’s chat. 


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